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  • Full-sized SUV with seating up to 7
  • Available in 7 colors
  • 2 Exclusive styles - Momentum and Inscription

Starting at $49,900 MSRP


  • A dynamic midsized SUV - with refreshed design and Google built in
  • Available in 9 colors
  • 3 Exclusive styles - Momentum, Inscription, R-Design

Starting at $42,650 MSRP


  • Compact Scandinavian SUV - designed for the city and beyond
  • Available in 8 colors
  • 3 Exclusive styles - Momentum, Inscription, R-Design

Starting at $34,100 MSRP


  • Introducing the Scandinavian luxury sedan with Google built in
  • 3 Exclusive styles - Momentum, Inscription, R-Design

Starting at $51,850 MSRP


  • Awarded the most 2021 TOP SAFETY PICK+ awards of any manufacturer (as of May 2021).
  • 3 Exclusive styles - Momentum, Inscription, R-Design

Starting at $39,250 MSRP

V90 Cross Country

  • The Scandinavian luxury estate, designed for exploration.
  • The Volvo V90 Cross Country is a versatile wagon that's ready for road trips, all-terrain trails, and every adventure in between. If you're looking for a stylish blend of function and sophistication, this wagon may be just what you need to hit the roads.

Starting at $55,200 MSRP

V60 Cross Country

  • The dynamic adventurer that respects the world it explores. And its passengers.
  • Also available in the Polestar electrified hybrid model.¬†Polestar optimization for the V60 includes upgraded suspension and braking components for a thrilling drive.

Starting at $45,700 MSRP

C40 Recharge

  • The newest addition to our pure electric line up.
  • 200+ mile range
  • First Volvo with a 100 percent leather-free interior, including steering wheel, gear shifter and upholstery.
Starting at $58,750 MSRP

XC40 Recharge

  • Our full electric compact SUV is designed for modern urban living and beyond.
  • A seamless electric driving experience with intuitive tech and Google built in.
  • Up to 223 Miles of Pure electric range
Starting at $55,300 MSRP

XC90 Recharge

  • The plug-in hybrid SUV you trust to protect your family, now protects their future.
  • Up to 18 miles Electric range
Starting at $63,800 MSRP

XC60 Recharge

  • It's the dynamic Plug-in Hybrid midsize SUV - and with refreshed design details and Google built in, it's smarter than ever.
Starting at $54,250 MSRP

S90 Recharge

  • Embrace the new and control the journey. Introducing the Scandinavian luxury plug-in hybrid sedan with Google built in.¬†
  • In Pure electric mode, you can drive up to 61km/38 miles on one charge.
  • The S90 Recharge sedan delivers refined performance and an agile, powerful driving experience.
Starting at $60,050 MSRP

S60 Recharge

  • The dynamic plug-in hybrid Scandinavian sedan, designed for a change.
Starting at $47,650 MSRP

V60 Recharge

  • Designed for life. Enjoy the dynamic Scandinavian Plug-in Hybrid wagon. Ready with your next adventure in mind.
Starting at $67,300 MSRP