The time has me to bring your car in for a tune-up. A little service makes it run smoother and quieter, and you may also notice your vehicle gets better fuel economy. Yes, taking care of the engine improves gas mileage. As we know, better gas mileage can save you some money. So could taking other steps to improve fuel efficiency. We don’t always focus on fuel economy, but we should. Doing so cuts costs and reduces emissions.

Little things can cause big problems. Not cleaning out the trunk of the car and continually dumping things inside adds weight. The weight might not accumulate overnight, but it will increase. Now, the added weight hampers fuel efficiency. Clean the car out of unwanted and unnecessary objects right away.

Check the tires on the car, too. If they are underinflated, don’t expect decent gas mileage. Use a tire gauge to make sure everything is properly inflated. If not, put air in the tires before driving around Burlington, NC.

Do you have any maintenance issues or other concerns about your car? Call up the service department at Volvo Cars Burlington to set up an appointment.

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