When you're examining a vehicle's interior, what stands out to you the most? Is it the interior's design? Is it the available technology? Is it something completely random? At Volvo Cars Burlington, we always want to stay unbiased when talking about a vehicle's interior. Luckily, that's proving to be pretty easy with the S60. As unbiased as we are, the S60's interior is hard to not fall in love with.

The Volvo S60 comes sporting features like a clean air quality control system, four-zone climate control, heated front seats, and a bunch of other stuff that we just don't have time to name. Essentially, the interior features seem endless in the S60. There's device connectivity, leather seating, steering wheel audio controls - you name it, the S60 either has it included or has it available. To answer our own question, the thing that stands out to us most about the S60's interior is that it doesn't seem to be missing a thing.


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