Our team at Volvo Cars Burlington has a goal to help Burlington, NC drivers stay safe and prepared when they're behind the wheel. If you have a flat tire, it's best to know how to change it properly, which will come in handy when professional help isn't available.

Before you begin, make sure that you have all the equipment that you need, such as wheel chocks, a flashlight, a spare tire, tire tools, emergency warning indicators, a lug wrench, and car jack. Before you start to change your flat, be sure that you have your vehicle in a secure spot. You should also be sure that the engine's off and the parking brake is on.

Don't wait until you have a flat tire to learn because it can be extremely difficult if you have to change a flat tire for the first time when it's dark or raining. Because spare tires are smaller than normal tires, drive at slower speeds for short distances until you have it replaced.

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