Your Volvo S90 can keep you safe no matter what kind of accident you get involved in. There are accidents that can occur that cause the occupant of a vehicle to be thrown in just about any direction. It is something that is scary for the occupant of the vehicle. The Volvo S90 has airbags from just about every direction to protect when something like that happens. It has knee airbags, overhead airbags, side airbags, and front-impact airbags.

All of those things are amazing and will soften the blow that one takes if they are in an accident in this particular vehicle. At the same time, the Volvo S90 also has some cool things like the anti-theft system that cuts off the ignition of the vehicle the moment that a key is put in it that is not the original manufacturer’s key. That can make life a lot easier for the owner of this vehicle and a lot safer in general.

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