Whether you routinely ride through Burlington or along back country roads, proper wheel alignment is essential to safe, smooth handling, tire longevity and overall vehicle health. Here at Volvo Cars Burlington, we can't stress the importance of routine service appointments and wheel alignments. Question: How do you know it's time for a wheel alignment?

How to Tell if You Need a Wheel Alignment

When your front and back wheels aren't aligned optimally to the three primary angles, called caster, camber and toe, several results are inevitable. One such result is tire wear that happens unevenly. A shaky vehicle front end is another result. If you're driving straight, but your steering wheel is crooked, or if your steering wheel is straight, but you keep drifting to either side anyway, it's time for a wheel alignment.

Check Your Owner's Manual

Even if the above symptoms don't present, you should have your wheels aligned to prevent the above symptoms. For service timetables and best times to schedule wheel alignments, even when your ride is rolling smoothly, check your owner's manual. You can also just bring your ride into our dealership and let us check your wheel alignment today. It's quick, easy and definitely worth the detour.



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