Sometimes, a dealership romanticizes a vehicle to get you interested in it, but that is not happening here. The V90 is luxurious, popular, and is one of Volvo's best wagons out there. There is no need to romanticize it; just check out its features, and you'll see why it is a good option. Let's start with some of the performance features.


You won't see the stop and start feature on the dashboard. It isn't a magic button that you press to get better smartphone capabilities. It is a feature that allows the engine to shut off when idling. This may not seem like much, but it can save you gas and help the environment.

All-Wheel Drive

This feature makes driving a little more fun because you get power from each wheel. You get a more responsive vehicle, and that means your ride should be more enjoyable when driving around Burlington. Trust us when we say that you'll feel better knowing that this feature is there to help you fight wet or icy road conditions and to make cornering much simpler.

Hopefully, you see why we think you should come down to Volvo Cars Burlington, and take a test drive with us. The new V90 might be the right one.



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