People who like a little luxury in the SUV they own have a few options, but one good one is the XC60. This is one of Volvo's most popular compact SUVs and for good reason. The following are a few features Volvo Cars Burlington thinks are worth pointing out.

All-Wheel Drive

One feature that we think you are going to enjoy is the four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. This is a feature that makes this SUV much more versatile by giving you a chance to handle most roads. This feature also enhances your handle on the vehicle, and you know SUVs aren't normally known for precision driving, but this one is going to change your mind.

Engine Performance

The 2.0L V4 engine is one that Volvo must be proud of because it does offer a lot. For one, you get up to 250 horsepower, and you still get to enjoy 28 miles per gallon. You get to see much more of the city without digging into your wallet for gas money too often.

These features enticed us, but there is more that we want you to find out about. You can experience what we are talking about if you take a test drive with us.



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