Electronically Controlled Suspension Allows the V90 to Handle Efficiently

Volvo continues to be a leader in the luxury wagon and SUV market by continuing to provide innovative features for safety and reliability. In the performance area, the V90 luxury wagon stands at the front. The optional supercharged engine produces over 300 hp and 258 ft/lbs of torque.

For handling the roads, the V90 comes with electronic Instant Traction on AWD models. Speed, torque power and RPM’s are continually monitored for optimal road traction. If one vehicle begins to spin, engine power moves to the other wheels to maintain control. Another performance enhancement is the automatic power steering adjustment. The management system monitors vehicle speed and adjusts the power steering feel as conditions dictate. Three settings are available for driver preference.

At Volvo Cars Burlington, we strive to give our customer the most enjoyable driving experience possible. With the V90 series, we endeavor to make our customers happy.



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