Tires Designed for a Reason and a Season

When thinking about tires, one thing that you are going to know is that there are no tires that are designed for all situations. You are going to find tires that are strong in one condition and weak in other situations. One example is the summer tire, which would fail in the winter.

The summer tires are designed for hot weather. The treads on the tires are stiffer than the winter tires. This is so that you can maneuver better in the warm weather. However, when it comes to the winter, the tires become stiff to the point of sliding.

For the winter, you get good traction during colder periods as well as during the snow. However, after the snow melts and the temperature warms up, then you are going to be faced with quickly wearing tires that will not only cost more, but will also interfere with the vehicle's performance.



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