How to Keep Distractions Away While Driving

Volvo Cars Burlington believes that driving while distracted can lead to trouble. Our team cares about you and we want you to keep from being distracted while you are behind the wheel of your car. Make sure that you know what you should be doing to keep from being distracted while driving.

It is important for you to set your GPS up before you start to drive. You might be rushed for time and you might think that you will just input the address that you are heading to while you are on the road but you should not do that. Set things up ahead of time and keep your focus on the road while driving.

Get your passengers to help you drive rather than become a distraction. Ask the one riding in the front of your vehicle with you to pay attention to the road right along with you instead of distracting you by showing you pictures on their phone or getting you caught up in a deep conversation.



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